Regulation Department

The Regulation Department is responsible for economic regulation by determining the conditions on, and prices at which licensees sell electricity. This includes the role of setting or approving tariffs, prices and charges, determining cross subsidies, establishing and implementing economic regulation methodologies relating to electricity tariffs, pricing and charges. The department is also responsible for developing and implementing uniform system of accounts and minimum information required for tariff application, and collection, capturing, processing, analysing, storing, dissemination and management of the electricity industry data and information. The department is also responsible for the study of future electricity supply, providing assistance in evaluating utility investment decisions for future generation capacity, energy efficiency and demand management plans in order to address future electricity supply security and infrastructure needs of the country. It also assists in the implementation of renewable energy and energy efficiency policies of government and assesses The department consists of five (5) employees in the form of the General Manager, financial/economic tariff analyst, licensing engineer, compliance officer and an economist.